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Thursday, 16 August 2012 15:42

Failed Back Surgery

Unfortunately spinal surgery does not always provide the improvements desired by patients and surgeons. Whilst the success rate for “ideal” candidates undergoing surgical procedures such as microdiscectomy are reported as being over 90% for relieving sciatic pain in the leg, due the complexities of the spine such surgery does not carry such a high success rate for relieving back pain.

Furthermore, depending on the exact type of incision, the amount of weakening caused to the outer disc wall from the incision and the amount of inner disc material (nucleus pulposus) excavated from the disc, even minimally invasive spinal surgery caries varying risks of re-occurrence of disc protrusion and other complications in the months and years following surgery such as postoperative scarring and reduction in disc height with consequential increased wear placed on adjacent structures such as the facet joints.

Treatment and rehabilitation at The Harley Street Spine Clinic

Alternatives to surgery include IDD Therapy (Computerised Spinal Decompression) this is a non invasive extremely low risk therapy involving targeted distraction at a specific segment(s) of the spine in order to offload the discs and spinal structures. Even clients who have undergone previous failed spinal surgery IDD may be often be candidates for IDD Therapy.

There is saying within the medical world that states that “…good surgery may have a bad outcome following bad postoperative rehabilitation (physiotherapy) and bad surgery may have a good outcome if there is good postoperative rehabilitation”.

Our team of physical therapists are experts in their field, furthermore we have several cutting edge physical therapy modalities that may not have been previously offered such as IDD Therapy and Shockwave Therapy, Medical Acupuncture and Clinical Pilates programs (featuring  the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institutes teachings).

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