Medical Acupuncture in London

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Medical acupuncture can help with back pain, rehabilitation from orthopaedic surgery, repetitive strain (RSI), whiplash and sports injuries. Combined with exercise, lifestyle advice and Osteopathy, acupuncture proves to be an effective treatment.


The osteopaths at Harley Street Spine Clinic share their years of experience and vast knowledge. They take a thorough “no nonsense” approach. Where necessary this involves careful and precise joint manipulation, with such techniques only performed with the patient’s full consent. There are many soft tissue techniques we can prescribe, including the massage of sore and tight muscles to relieve tension. A hallmark of ours is that all Harley Street Spine Clinic osteopaths use medical acupuncture / acupressure, which is completely dependent on the patient’s preference. Our staff are all postgraduates, trained to carry out these sensitive treatments with the utmost care.  Medical acupuncture has proved to be particularly effective especially when combined with traditional osteopathic manual treatment. All of our osteopaths are trained in electrotherapy, including ultrasound, which is extremely helpful treating particular ligament and tendon issues.


You can be confident that all of our osteopaths have the highest skills and abilities to provide the platinum standard of treatment.


Dry Needling at Harley Street Spine Clinic

Dry Needling & Deep Tissue Massage

It takes up to 5 years to train to become an osteopath. They can assess musculoskeletal problems after observing a client’s posture, using highly skilled ‘palpation’ to feel for stiff joints and tight muscles, as well as using detailed bed side orthopaedic and neurological tests. Treatments can differ from each therapist depending on their skills. Some prefer to concentrate on vigorous HVT manipulation (commonly known as ‘thrusts’), whereas others rely on very gentle cranial techniques. At The Harley Street Spine Clinic we only recruit top applicants in our clinics; those who can demonstrate exceptional clinic reasoning and who have a wide variety of  highly skilled treatment techniques.

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Originating in America in the late 1800s, Osteopathy eventually migrated to the UK outside of hospitals and the NHS, initially taking hold in the private health sector before becoming regulated in 1993. There has been a common misconception and scepticism in the past even with doctors about the effects of osteopathy on patients but it was usually down to a lack of education regarding the techniques. There is a close similarity in the care physiotherapists and osteopaths provide. Osteopaths are trained to perform a multitude of manual therapy techniques on joints and muscles all across the body. Being a fully regulated profession, you can be confident that osteopaths can assist in diagnosing a wide range of injuries, as well as orthopaedic and neurological problems for their patients.