Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

At our Spine Plus Clinics we offer sports and remedial deep tissue massage that is suitable for everyone from the couch potato to the professional athlete! Our highly trained and highly skilled massage therapists use advanced massage techniques that incorporate the latest scientific approaches for optimum long term relief of muscular tension. This involves lots of firm, slow, deep massage strokes that run at right angles to the muscle fibres (“cross fibre massage”), thereby releasing adhesions between fibres as well as tension within these fibres. This style of massage is also known as “trigger point massage” and requires a very precise knowledge of human muscular anatomy. Our therapists are also trained in other advanced techniques such as “muscle energy” and “lock and key” stretching.

This is distinguishable from many other forms of massage, particularly in the beauty industry, that claim to offer deep tissue massage but use gliding strokes with lots of oil that superficially glance over more than one muscle group at a time, often missing certain key muscle fibres along the way. Whilst needing to be firm in order to break adhesions and stretch out tight muscle fibres, our style of massage is also relaxing because the strokes are slow and sustained thus giving the body time to relax into them. They are also short in amplitude so they do not create a Chinese burn effect.


We believe this enables us to offer the most effective massage therapy for long term relief of muscular tension.

Our massage routines can be used to help relieve every day stress and tension, prevent injury and aid recovery from injury, optimise sporting performance, or, when used regularly, as a way of keeping muscles and joints supple and relaxed, thereby helping to maintain the health and vitality of the whole body.


As well as allowing clients to direct our therapists to areas that need particular tension we have devised a number of massage routines that are applicable to common scenarios, click on the links shown above for more information.