Lower Back Stretches

Level: Advanced



Lower Back Exercises +


Lower Back Stretches +


Lower Back Exercises +

Traction, Decompression and Lat Stretch



Begin on all fours, knees directly under the hips. Place left hand around the back of the left thigh. Place the right hand under the left shoulder creating a side bend to the spine. Stretch can be felt along the right hand side. Hold for 20-30 seconds then alternate sides.




Single Leg Gluteii Stretch



Lying on your back holding one knee in towards the chest. Slowly angle the knee towards the opposite shoulder (left knee to right shoulder). Both hands should clasp behind the knee. Stretch can be felt along the outside thigh and buttock. Hold for 20-30 seconds Then repeat on opposite leg.




Trunk Rotation



Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep your knees together and roll them steadily from side to side. Start with small movements, initially large movements may be uncomfortable. If you have a lot of mobility you may be able to get your leading knee to touch the floor. Keep a smooth and gentle motion going within your comfort zone. Hold each position 20-30 seconds.




Lumbar Rotation



Lying on your back with both legs straight. Right arm placed out to the side. Lifting your right leg towards the chest whilst bent at 90°. Slowly lower the leg across the body whilst placing the left hand on the side of the knee. Gently encourage the leg down towards the floor by applying gentle pressure. Stretch can be felt along the outside thigh, buttock and Lower back. Hold between 20-30 seconds.



Hip Rotation



Begin on the hands and knees. Gently extend the left leg resting the knee and toes on the floor. Once stable, slowly rotate the right knee inwards resting it on the floor between the hands. By leaning forward slightly and lowering the body it will enhance the stretch. This stretch can be felt in the buttocks and outside thigh. Hold between 20-30 seconds.





All of the above stretches may make your muscles feel very resistant and tender at first as many of us do not flex our lumbar spines fully in normal life. You may not be able to completely recreate or stretch as far as the pictures show but that doesn’t matter at the start. Go as far as you easily can and you will see improvement steadily with time. If you have a recent disc problem which has been diagnosed some of the above stretches may make symptoms worse. If in doubt, phone one of our specialists for advice.