Lower Back Stretches

Level: Beginner



Lower Back Exercises +


Lower Back Exercises +


Lower Back Stretches +

Knees to Chest



Lie on your back, bend one knee and hold on with the same hand then do the same with the other leg. Pull both legs up towards the chest, gently at first. Hands should be held behind both knees. Mild tension should be felt in both buttocks and lower back area. Hold each stretch between 20-30 seconds.




Hamstring Stretch



Lying on your back with knees semi bent. Lift one leg wrapping a skipping rope or towel over the sole of the foot. Slowly pull the leg towards you keeping the knee slightly bent. Mild tension should be felt in the hamstring. Hold between 20 – 30 seconds then swap legs.




Quadriceps Stretch



Lying down on your side using your arm for support. Slowly raise the bottom leg so its 90° from the body. At this point bend the above knee whilst using the opposite hand to grip just above the ankle then slowly pull the ankle towards the buttock. Try not to over extend. Mild Tension should be felt in the front part of the thigh. Hold for 20-30 seconds then switch sides.




Cat and Camel



Begin on all fours, hands directly under the shoulders with knees directly under the hips. Slowly drop your abdomen towards the floor allowing a dip to form in the mid and lower back. Head should be slightly raised or kept in a neutral position. After 10 seconds slowly pull your tummy in rounding the back whilst tucking your chin and tailbone in. This will allow an arch to form in the mid to lower back. Move slowly back and forth between these two positions pausing on each pose. Repeat 5-10 times.




Lumbar Spine Traction



Lying on your back with both legs bent. Hands should be placed with downward pressure onto both pelvic crests. Pushing towards the heels will allow for a gentle traction on the lower back. Hold for 5-10 seconds then release. Repeat up to 10 times.