Orthopaedic Osteopathy treatment

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Here at The Harley Street Spine Clinic you’ll be welcomed by our expert Osteopaths into our modern Harley Street, London clinic, where you’ll be given our platinum standard of treatment, with a professional and friendly approach guaranteed. We pride ourselves on our relationship with patients, attending to your needs and improve your wellbeing. Using a range of techniques including manual manipulation of the body, along with with lifestyle and exercise advice, we can help treat and ease conditions like back pain, sports injuries, whiplash, repetitive strain (RSI) or even provide a rehabilitation routine should you have undergone orthopaedic surgery recently.


About our Osteopath Treatment


During a consultation our osteopaths assess musculoskeletal problems by observing a client’s posture, using highly skilled palpation to feel for tight muscles and stiff joints and use detailed bed side orthopaedic and neurological tests.


Our osteopaths take a thorough “no nonsense” approach. Where necessary this involves careful and precise joint manipulation, such techniques are only performed with the patient’s full consent. We also use plenty of soft tissue techniques, including massage, applied to sore tight muscles.


One of our hallmarks is that our Osteopaths use medical acupuncture / acupressure (depending on the patient’s preference). This requires additional postgraduate training which they have all undertaken. We have found medical acupuncture to be particularly effective when combined with traditional Osteopathic manual treatment. Also, our osteopaths are trained in the use of electrotherapy such as ultrasound which can be very useful for certain ligament and tendon problems.


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History to the Osteopathy Profession


Osteopathy was created in America during the latter part of the 19th century. It then gradually migrated to the UK taking hold within the private sector. Even today some UK doctors have little knowledge of the range of osteopathy treatments available and are understandingly often reluctant to advise patients to consider osteopathy. Osteopaths work in a similar fashion to physiotherapists but do not just treat back complaints. Osteopaths are trained in a multitude of hands-on manual therapy techniques focusing on EVERY muscle and joint in the body. They will also give advice on posture and suggest suitable activities to help ease any aches or pains. In 1993, osteopathy became a fully regulated profession in the UK under the Osteopath Act. Using clinical methodology, osteopaths are trained fully to diagnose a range of orthopaedic, neurological and sports injuries.