Full spinal assessment

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Harley Street Spine Clinic provides a complete spinal assessment service including:


  • orthopaedic and neurologist tests
  • review of any relevant MRI scans
  • expert biomechanical and palpatory assessment
  • 60 minute thorough assessment in your initial session

You can be assured that our company directors Robert Shanks and Darren Chandler are experts in advanced manual, mechanical and electro therapy, ensuring we can cater for patients who may have failed previous physical therapy but do not want through surgery to rectify their problem. Harley Street Spine Clinic also work alongside some of the top radiologists and surgeons in London. Should the possibility of injections or surgery be discussed, we offer independent advice for the best interventional procedures enabling you to make an informed choice, even putting you directly in touch with the ideal surgeon (or other clinician) for your needs.


Harley Street Spine Clinic also provide Diagnostics including MRI Scans, X-Rays, Ultrasound, SPECT CT and Other Diagnostic tests – discover more


Stenosis not suitable for IDD

Facet Joint Cyst

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